Brotherhood Highlight

Posted by University of Florida - Pi Chapter on Dec 22, 2009 in Brother Highlight

The brotherhood highlight showcases the efforts of a brother at the University of Florida in exemplifying the three pillars of Sigma Beta Rho Fraternity as well as excelling in academic arena.  We believe fraternity men have the ability to give back to his community and school as well as pursuing his higher goals of education.

To start the 2013 year, the Brothers at the University of Florida Pi Chapter put together our fourth annual winter formal, better known as “Simply Sexy”.  This special brotherhood highlight showcases “Simply Sexy”  because this is where we took the time to honor and showcase all the deserving brothers for all the hard work they put into the past year.  This year’s award winners included:

Brother of the Year-Andrew Bae

Neophyte of the Year-Darshan Patel

Sigma Award-Dylan Patel

Remembrance Award-Binish John

7-Star Award-Raju Rajan

Congratulations to all the brothers for their hard work and dedication throughout the past year.  We look forward to the same in 2013!


SOS Children’s Villages

Posted by University of Florida - Pi Chapter on Nov 19, 2009 in Community Service

Mission Statement:

We build families for children in need.
We help them shape their own futures.
We share in the development of their communities.

The purpose of SOS Children’s Villages is to provide long-term care to children who are not able
to be raised by their biological families.

SOS Children’s Villages work by creating a family environment (as opposed to an orphanage)
in which the children are raised. The family unit is a central part of how SOS Children’s Villages
works, and has 4 elements:

The parent: The SOS Parent (usually a mother) lives with the children (an average of 5-7)
that are under her care and is the primary caregiver. She forms reliable, strong, supportive
relationships with her children. Each parent/mother receives special training for the role, and
is supported by a team of assistants, family specialists and SOS parent trainees.

The siblings: The 5-7 children that make up a family are of mixed gender and age. Biological
siblings are not separated. Children up until the age of 10 are accepted into SOS Children’s
Villages, except for special circumstances.

The family house: Each SOS family has its own house to live in, which is completely
customizable as each family sees fit. SOS houses are now also located within housing
developments in major cities as well.

The village: Each SOS Village is comprised of 10-15 SOS Houses, and is complete with other
services such as schools, day-care centers, and vocational training facilities.

SOS Children’s Village is based on four principles:

2) Each child grows up most naturally with brothers and sisters,

3) Each child grows up in their own house

4) Each child grows up within a supportive village environment.

SOS: “We help children shape their own futures”

We enable children to live according to their own culture and religion, and to be active
members of the community.

We help children to recognize and express their individual abilities, interests and talents.

We ensure that children receive the education and skills training they need to be successful and
contributing members of society.

SOS Children’s Villages and Youth Facilities
• SOS uses 67% of our global contributions to operate 500 SOS Children’s Villages and 383
Youth Facilities.
• Over 73,000 children currently live in loving homes in our Villages and Youth Facilities.

SOS Social Centers and Family Strengthening Programs
• SOS allocates 9% of funding toward social programs at 500 SOS Social Centers.
• Over 420,000 people use services provided by SOS Social Centers and Family
Strengthening Programs each year.

SOS Medical Centers and Emergency Relief Programs
• 7% of our donations are used to fund over 60 SOS Medical Centers and provide SOS

Emergency Relief Programs during times of crisis and natural disaster.• Over 450,000 people receive medical care at SOS facilities annually.
• Our emergency relief programs have helped over 390,000 people.
• SOS Schools and Vocational Training
• SOS utilizes 17% of our contributions to educate children at 185 SOS Primary and
Secondary (Hermann Gmeiner) Schools, 226 SOS Kindergartens and 61 SOS Vocational
Training Centers.
• Over 125,000 children attend SOS schools and kindergartens.
• Nearly 14,000 students receive instruction at SOS Vocational Training Centers.

Link for Website: https://help.sos-usa.org/sbr

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